As a recording artist, I believe in embracing creativity and artistry without boundaries, limitations, or what a Classical album should be.  My albums are a reflection of what happens when a musical artist is free to explore and create their art - you actually hear my voice and the programs on my albums are unique to me and "outside of the box" from your typical Classical album.  


I record music that resonates deep down in my soul; music that moves me, inspires me, and most importantly, is true to who I am as an artist.


I'm also thrilled to find new composers, and composers that are considered rare and vintage gems.  It's music that makes me grow and sends me on an exciting journey of discovery.


As a girl that began piano lessons in a small town in Canada, I never imagined that I would one day have a successful career as a pianist with my own record company. My story has been a testimony of staying true to myself and never giving up on my dream to become a musician.  I hope that you will love my albums, and that YOU will be inspired and have the courage to go after your own aspirations!