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Music from the golden age of Hollywood is the premise behind Kayla Wong’s suitably named second disc Starlight. Was it really more than two years ago that she released her exemplary debut recording Allure? Since completing her studies at USC, this Saskatchewan-born artist continues to enjoy a notable career as a soloist and chamber musician, including recitals at Carnegie Hall and Hong Kong’s Cultural Centre.

The disc opens with a set of six pieces by Ernesto Lecuona. Clearly, Wong has an unmistakable affinity for Spanish-inspired repertoire, in this case, by the “Cuban Gershwin.” Her performance of these contrasting musical miniatures is polished and elegant – from the rhythmic Cordoba to the sensuous and lyrical Preludio en la Noche. While these pieces may have been recorded not far from the rumbling of TTC streetcars, they are firmly stamped “España.”

Earl Wild’s three Virtuoso Études (from a set of seven) based on popular songs by George Gershwin are virtuosic show-stoppers. The lyricism and charm of the originals are ever present, yet these pieces also require a formidable technique and Wong approaches the challenges with great panache.

In keeping with the Hollywood theme are six pieces by the New York songwriter Dana Suesse. With their syncopated rhythms, and bluesy harmonies, tracks such as Jazz Nocturne and Serenade to a Skyscraper are indeed worthy tributes to Hollywood’s golden age.

Starlight is a delightful respite from our less-than-perfect world of 2017 – highly recommended.

Starlight CD Promo Video

Kayla reveals the inspiration and vision behind her Starlight album.


Listen to Kayla perform 'Jazz Nocturne' composed by the 'Girl Gershwin' Dana Suesse.


Listen to Kayla perform 'The Man I Love' composed by George Gershwin and arranged by Earl Wild.


Listen to Kayla perform 'Cordoba' composed by the 'Cuban Gershwin' Ernesto Lecuona.


Listen to Kayla perform 'Night Sky' composed by the 'Girl Gershwin' Dana Suesse.

Starlight CD Program

Ernesto Lecuona (1895-1963)

01 Cordoba
02 Zambra Gitana
03 Vals Brillante
04 Preludio En La Noche
05 Rococo
06 Vals Poetico

George Gershwin (1898-1937) arranged by Earl Wild (1915-2010)
Seven Virtuoso Etudes based on songs by George Gershwin

07 Etude No. 3, The Man I Love
08 Etude No. 4, Embraceable You
09 Etude No. 2, Somebody Loves Me

Dana Suesse (1909-1987)

10 Scherzette
11 Jazz Nocturne
12 The Cocktail Suite: Champagne
13 The Cocktail Suite: Bacardi
14 Night Sky
15 Serenade To A Skyscraper

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